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Reaction to South Park’s “Worldwide Privacy Tour Episode” – MAJESTEA podcast [VIDEO]

Cristo Foufas and Kinsey Schofield discuss South Park’s “Worldwide Privacy Tour” episode featuring some familiar characters. The transcontinental MAJESTEA co-hosts also discuss Paul Burrell’s history and his ‘Spare’ shoutout, Princess Charlotte’s wealth, and the Princess of Wales’ alleged “botox in a box” magic serum.

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TV Presenter Cristo Foufas reacts to ‘The Crown’ season 5 – royal family

Kinsey Schofield appears on TalkTV with presenter Cristo Foufas. The two animatedly discuss the latest season of Netflix’s The Crown. The To Di For Daily host imagines what Prince William’s reaction might be to a significant young William presence in season 5, Cristo wonders out loud if Prince Harry personally squashed the ‘Princess in Love’ / James Hewitt storyline, and the two discuss how The Crown handles the infamous Martin Bashir interview.

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Exclusive: Christopher Andersen discusses his book ‘The King: The Life of Charles III’ on the To Di For Daily podcast

The #1 New York Times bestseller Christopher Andersen is back with a powerful portrait of King Charles III. Listen to our exclusive interview with the author about King Charles and the Mountbatten-Windsor dynasty.

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