TALKTV’s Jeremy Kyle panel clashes over Prince Harry – Dr. Tessa Dunlop – Kinsey Schofield [VIDEO]

Reality check: I enjoy working with Dr. Tessa Dunlop. She has studied the royal family’s history extensively and I often understand where she is coming from. Tessa is an incredible author that writes beautiful books. She is wicked smart and has a cheeky sense of humor. Her latest book is titled Elizabeth & Philip: A Story of Young Love, Marriage, and Monarchy. We can purchase it stateside on April 4th, 2023.

In the case of our Jeremy Kyle segments, I believe Tessa is usually saying… “Hey, I think we’re just picking on Prince Harry!” Which could be true. If you listen to her closely on any of the programs she appears on… you will hear that there is thinly veiling criticism or sarcasm in her arguments. She is not a die-hard stan of either side. I think she looks at things objectively and sometimes is the opposition.

That being said, I would never attack her on a personal level and I would hope that you would not either. She has been nothing but kind to me and sometimes I see mean comments about people like Tessa and I know it could be (and has been!) me.

We can disagree with people and still share a space with them. If we canceled everyone we didn’t like then… well… we’re no better than H&M.

This segment between Tessa and I went viral as we debate why Harry chose the route he did to make money. In conclusion, Tessa makes a brilliant point that he does not have good advisors around him. Including his significant other.

PS. How great is Jeremy Kyle? His joy in infectious. You can catch Jeremy Monday – Thursday evenings on TALKTV. I stream stateside via YouTube!

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