Rupert Bell talks royal polo etiquette and more on ‘HEIRS & SPARES’ with Kinsey Schofield this week

“Kinsey Schofield and Rupert Bell, sitting in for Katie Nicholl, discuss the Royal Family’s public image and popularity, focusing on Catherine, Princess of Wales, and Prince Harry’s involvement with NorCal’s BetterUp.

Rupert argues that Princess Catherine has become a ‘rock solid member’ of the royal family due to her long-term presence in the public eye, while Kinsey Schofield raises the controversial topic of Prince Charles’s alleged envy towards Diana’s popularity.

Bell also expresses surprise at the lack of popularity of Prince Harry’s new reality TV shows, and Schofield questioned the value of his participation in BetterUp due to his lack of relatability to the average person.

Later, the pair discuss Meghan Markle’s recent actions and commercial ventures, analyzing the optics of her behavior and potential reasons behind it. Bell argued that while Markle has generated interest and value in the commercial world, she must adapt to the PR expectations of her new role, while Schofield questioned the potential success of Markle’s organization.”

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