Princess Diana inspired fall fashion with SHEIN

Welcome back to our Royals Inspired series. Princess Diana are our inspiration but her estate is not associated with the content. The following items were gifted to us by SHEIN. Use code “ladykinsey” at checkout for an additional 15% off of your SHEIN purchase.

To Di For Daily has partnered with SHEIN to bring you Princess Diana inspired fall fashion. None of the items featured are over $40! We went heavy on the houndstooth but threw in some classic quirky sweaters for good measure.

Our number one pick! SHEIN‘s Houndstooth Lapel Longline Coat (item #825315) in size large. The fit is comfortably oversized and the fabric is fuzzy. Soft to the touch! Priced at just $37, this is sure to become your fall favorite. Di infamously paired her houndstooth with bold colors. From red to blue. We chose to pair ours with another Di staple, a black turtleneck. The pleather leggings are an ode to Princess Diana’s leather pants worn to the 1987 David Bowie concert that got her in trouble with Buckingham Palace officials. (These are our Katheryn Dennis – Southern Charm leggings!) Learn more about the boots below.

Quick switch to SHEIN‘s Two Tone Houndstooth Print Blazer (item #1290965). The jacket is light weight and an effortless way to enhance your outfit. Plus, the price is to di for. Just $22! With a new Batman movie (Robert Pattinson) on the horizon, you could even wear this as a Two-Face costume on Halloween. Some of you were asking me on Instagram about my flat boots. Diana typically wore knee high boots without a heel. She was already 5′ 10″! I paired my SHEIN blazer with black boots from Carnival Kicks. Where sophistication meets comfort. Consider these my fall staple boot!

Princess Diana’s clothing was dissected and discussed almost as much as her love life. So Diana knew what she was doing when she joined husband Prince Charles and sister-in-law Sarah Ferguson at a polo match in June of 1983. Her red embroidered “black sheep sweater” still has people talking almost 40 years later! SHEIN‘s pink Strawberry Embroidery Puff Sleeve Sweater (item #1383984) makes a very different statement. We think it says, I love you berry much. This sweater is $32 and also available in cream. (Pink was Di’s favorite color!)

Another fun (and totally appropriate) cardigan we love is SHEIN‘s QUEEN Color Block Embroidered Letter Cardigan (item #1393390). A photo of this $17 cardigan can be seen at the very top of the page. The funky black and white color block is complimented with bold pearl buttons. This cardigan reminds us of one of Diana’s most famous quotes, “I’d like to be a queen in people’s hearts, but I don’t see myself being queen of this country.” She is forever the queen in our hearts. ❤️

Ain’t no party like a houndstooth party cuz a houndstooth party don’t stop! I wore SHEIN‘s Houndstooth Pattern V-neck Sweater (item #1317914) on an episode of a show that I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about yet. Hence the blur. Anyway, this is a great sweater (so comfortable!) and the v-neck is low and sexy but I’m a nerd so I paired it with a black turtleneck and pleather headband. In the future, I think I will wear a hot pink turtleneck under this v-neck. The sweater is perfectly oversized (I went with XL) and priced at just $21! Note: I’m also wearing Selfish You Beauty‘s “Meghan” lip color in this photo!

Feeling inspired? Shop SHEIN‘s Lapel Longline Coat (item #825315), Two Tone Houndstooth Print Blazer (item #1290965), Strawberry Embroidery Puff Sleeve Sweater (item #1383984), QUEEN Color Block Embroidered Letter Cardigan (item #1393390), or Houndstooth Pattern V-neck Sweater (item #1317914) for 15% off by using code “ladykinsey” at checkout.

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