‘Selfish You Beauty’ launches Meghan Markle inspired lipgloss

Welcome back to our Royals Inspired series. The Duchess of Sussex is our inspiration but not associated with the content.

Selfish You Beauty is not just pretty face paint, it’s cosmetics with a cause. The vegan beauty brand was recently launched by Antonietta “Toni” Gooz, a mental health advocate and nursing student from Baltimore, MD. With every purchase from Selfish You Beauty, you are supporting mental health initiatives in the black community – including The Loveland Foundation.

Toni says, “As a child, I would look around me and see beautiful people everywhere. I was bombarded with images of perfect, retouched models, leaving me wanting a small nose, perfect skin, and frizz-free hair. I hated how I look and it took me almost 30 years to realize what I was seeing everyday on TV and online was only what society wanted me to believe what was beautiful.”

She continued, “As a black woman living in America, this sentiment is even harder to come to terms with when much of what we see doesn’t reflect our look and culture. This lead me to ask questions, like: Does the beauty industry care about genuine beauty? Are there beauty brands that take responsibility in their outcomes on mental health? How many brands are woman-led and black-owned that care about empowering others by focusing on improving self-esteem?” And with that internal debate, she created Selfish You Beauty. “We are a clean, woman-led and black-owned beauty brand, with one mission: to empower you to be selfish about how you define your beauty, while making a global impact.”

“I realized that my passion for mental health needed some sort of platform,” says the entrepreneur. “I want to educate everyone that I can reach about mental health.”

Selfish You Beauty prides itself on being environmentally conscious. “We formulate in small batches to preserve shelf-life and to bring you the best quality product each time,” Toni explains. They use natural ingredients, zero petroleum, and of course, they do not test on animals… they even use recycled shipping materials.

The perfect combination. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are notorious about championing environmentally friendly causes and have made mental health a priority when it comes to charity work.

Celebrating black beauty is also important to Toni. “We actually have named a lippie color after Meghan,” she told To Di for Daily‘s Kinsey Schofield. “She is a huge inspiration to women everywhere, so we included her name along with other names of influential black women in our launch collection.”

Meghan’s gloss is a flirty pink that would flatter the Duchess’s soft face immensely! We would love to see Meghan Markle in her Selfish You Beauty gloss!

“Meghan” is available online at selfishyoubeauty.com.

Kinsey Schofield is the Editor-in-Chief of To Di For Daily and you can follow her on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook