Princess Diana had the cutest nickname for Prince William

There is no shortage of topics to debate when it comes to Princess Diana but one topic completely undebatable is her love for her children. She’s joked that she helped introduce height to the Windsor men… not to mention how handsome her sons are thanks to their Spencer DNA! ❤️

Prince Harry was just 12, Prince William 15 when they lost their mother in a tragic car accident but as puberty struck… she could see how attractive her boys were going to be and Diana took every opportunity to brag about them!

In Christopher Andersen‘s The Day Diana Died, he details how smitten the Princess of Wales was with William, “Diana would rave, ‘Isn’t he superb! And he’s so tall too. The girls will be mad for him!'”

Andersen explains that when William was 14, teeny-bopper magazines were already featuring poster-size photos of him! “She routinely referred to him as ‘DDG,'” says Andersen. DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS! “Wills’s reaction was predictable. ‘Oh mum,’ he’d object, ‘don’t say that!'”

“Drop-dead gorgeous” was a common phrase that the Princess used to describe handsome men. She specifically used it after meeting Dr. Hasnat Khan – who some consider her one true love.

Prince William was not the only one with the sweet nickname though. Butler Paul Burrell says that they secretly referred to Prince Harry as “GKH” for “Good King Harry.”

Burrell explains that Prince William didn’t like growing up being told he had to behave because he was going to be king. “‘You’d better sit up straight, you’d better behave because you’re going to be king one day.’ ‘I don’t want to be king,’ William said one day,” claims Burrell.

“Harry piped up, ‘Well, I’ll do the job instead of you then.’ So from that day on, the Princess and I called Harry GKH – Good King Harry.”

Vanity Fair‘s Royal Correspondent recently told Entertainment Tonight that despite Megxit related tensions, Prince Harry and Prince William have spoken regularly online thanks to the holiday season. Princess Diana’s sons are expected to reunite over the summer to unveil a statue that they commissioned on what would have been her 60th birthday.

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