New MAJESTEA with Cristo Foufas & Kinsey Schofield podcast on Meghan’s breakup with Spotify

Cristo Foufas wants to know why Prince Harry did not utilize his Spotify platform to creatively promote his book, SPARE via a podcast. Why didn’t he partner with J. R. Moehringer to go behind the scenes? Each episode diving deeper into a specific story or chapter? So many missed opportunities.

Cristo (London) and Kinsey Schofield (Los Angeles) break down the latest on the Harry and Meghan Spotify drama. Bill Simmons said WHAT? Harry wanted to interview WHO? All the details here… Stream MAJESTEA with Cristo Foufas and Kinsey Schofield wherever you listen to podcasts.

Kinsey Schofield is the host of the To Di For Daily podcast and the creator of You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. No TikTok or Facebook for this Millennial.