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Curiosity Stream has amazing royal documentaries including ‘Royals: Keeping the Crown’ [VIDEO]

“From Queen Victoria’s attempts to unite Europe, to the end of Russia’s Romanovs, right up to Princes William and Harry, this series explores royalties’ survival strategies through the ages.” ‘Royals: Keeping the Crown’ explores some of the royal family’s most turbulent moments from the First World War to present day.

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Exclusive: Crisis PR expert says lawsuit is ‘doing tremendous damage’ to Prince Andrew’s reputation [VIDEO]

When it comes to typical media strategies that Andrew might pursue to change public perception… Evan thinks Andrew just might want to zip it! “For his part, Andrew would do well to decline any and all media requests given how disastrously he performed during an interview with the BBC, which could aptly be termed a royal mess.”

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Happy Birthday: We found Queen Elizabeth’s Chocolate Cake Recipe

While still in mourning, we understand that Queen Elizabeth will likely cancel the majority of her birthday traditions but one we are uncertain of… Queen Victoria’s chocolate cake. “Historically the kitchen has made her the same birthday cake passed on for generations, originated by Queen Victoria’s chef,” we told Nicki Swift. The cake only says HAPPY BIRTHDAY and is supposed to be identical no matter who the monarch is.

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