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Andrew Morton fears Prince William might be silencing Princess Diana

The Daily Beast reports that Andrew Morton disagrees with Prince William’s demand that the BBC never air Princess Diana’s interview again. Morton tells the pub, “It is a supreme irony that it is her son who has led the calls to posthumously muzzle Diana, to silence her, to prevent her from being heard, from saying what she spent her life trying to articulate.”

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Prince William credits Princess Diana inside ‘The Big Issue’

He’s the most handsome and talked about Prince in the world and he knows that all eyes will be on him Tuesday as he celebrates a landmark birthday, the big 4-0. In typical Princess Diana fashion, Prince William has written exclusively for ‘The Big Issue’ about why he wanted to turn the country’s attention to the homeless crisis around his 40th birthday.

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The latest Princess Diana documentary ‘Diana at Sixty’ – Stream on Tubi now

Did you know that Diana grew up on Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham Estate in a home called Park House? Diana’s grandparents originally rented the home from King George V. Multiple members of Diana’s family were royal courtiers. It often feels like that is excluded from her story. Was she more interesting or fascinating by being considered “a commoner” to the press? When her family has such a rich and fascinating aristocratic background? Watch ‘Diana at Sixty’ on Tubi now.

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