How I get Princess Diana’s style on a budget

I know you’ve seen Rowing Blazers, Warm & Wonderful, and Gyles and George‘s ads for Diana’s iconic jumpers. The ads haunt me as I navigate my way around the internet. Here’s the good news… each of these brands do promotions with a discount.

The first thing I would suggest is to allow each company to collect your e-mail address on their official retail sites. When Warm & Wonderful launched their web store, I was able to get their black sheep jacket at a 10% discount with an email exchange.

I would also suggest following each brand on Instagram. If you follow them closely on Instagram, you will be notified whenever they do surprises sales or promotions.

Another hack that I love is the Honey app. You can download the coupon extension to your browser and it will automatically upload recently used coupon codes into any and all online retail stores to help you save.

Last but not least, I shamelessly shop consignment! Let’s break down some of my favorite finds…

DIANA’S HARVARD SWEATSHIRT – Diana’s oversized Harvard sweatshirt with the unique turtleneck was remade by Urban Outfitters a few years ago. There was no mention of Princess Diana in the description but I managed to secure the knockoff for $40 on Poshmark. Nice, used condition. Hack: Search for specific items and exclude Diana’s name. The person selling it might not be familiar with the connection.

DIANA’S PINK I’M A LUXURY SWEATSHIRT – This one was kind of pricey but still not as pricey as the original and NEW WITH TAGS! Gyles and George’s I’m A Luxury sweater seems to be everywhere from Bravo talent to Netflix vampire shows! I found mine on Poshmark for $250 but if you use the code KINSEYSCOUTURE, you can save $10!

GREEN PRINCESS DIANA BLACK SHEEP SWEATER – Do I REALLY need every color of Worm & Wonderful’s black sheep sweater? I guess the answer is… “DUH.” I am a women’s XL but I purchased this men’s M and it fit great! It was never worn, new with tags, and only $150 on Poshmark.

DIANA’S FLY VIRGIN ATLANTIC SWEATER – This was a major steal. I found an authentic, vintage Fly Virgin Atlantic sweatshirt on Poshmark for $35! The 90s navy sweatshirt has seen some life but that’s definitely a part of its charm!

BLUE PRINCESS DIANA BLACK SHEEP SWEATER – I snagged this treasure for just $100 (retail $295). The sweater description explained that the seller had worn it once and professionally dry cleaned it so it was as good as new to me! This was another Poshmark find.

DIANA’S I’M A LUXURY SWEATER IN BLUE – This was my latest and greatest buy. I “liked” this product on Poshmark and was notified via e-mail that the seller was willing to give it to me at a lower price so I agreed. While it was still $250, I had $150 in Poshmark credit from my own sales so it was a $100 investment for me.

eBay and Etsy are also great alternatives to find used and vintage items. Do you have Diana’s famous jumpers? I want to see! Tweet me!

Kinsey Schofield is the host of the To Di For Daily podcast and the creator of You can follow her on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook.