We read Princess Diana’s cards 23 years after her death

It was April of 1986. Princess Diana felt helpless. When it came to a support system, her options were limited. The first time she contacted astrologer, Penny Thorton, Diana told her that she was simply looking for a “light at the end of the tunnel.” Diana was reading Thorton’s book, Synastry: The Astrology of Relationships, when Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew referred the heartbroken Princess to her new guide. Conveniently, Thorton’s book included an entire chapter dedicated to Prince Charles and Princess Diana, where she predicted problems in the relationship and suggested that the marriage could end in divorce. Diana worked with Thorton for six years but saw a handful of other Intuitives at the same time. One later claiming that they saw Diana’s death in their dreams.

August marks 23 years since Princess Diana’s car accident. We decided to revisit her cards with Emili Adame, a Soul Reader and Intuitive Healer from Soul House.

Emili reveals that Diana was “very psychic” and had her grandmother, Countess Spencer, watching over her. She describes Diana as having a very distinct mission to cultivate inner peace and to be of service. Describing the princess as “almost sacrificial,” because if she did not follow the path of spiritual values and laws, she was “immediately disciplined.” And what does Princess Diana have in common with Jennifer Aniston? Read the full interview below.

Kinsey Schofield: Hi Emili! Tell us about you. How did Soul House come to fruition?

Emili Adame: Hi Kinsey! I have always been energetically gifted since I was a child. I was deeply sensitive and could feel other people’s emotions and thoughts energetically. This was extremely challenging for me and as I grew up, I struggled with having to hide this and be who I truly was. I had a difficult time protecting my energy and was deemed overly sensitive.

I had a full spiritual awakening after an intense dark night of the soul. This is the collapse of what one perceives to be the meaning of life. I started to understand what my gifts truly were and they became more apparent. I started to have more clairvoyant (sensory of the future), clairaudient (hearing messages), and clairsentient (feeling) experiences. This made social situations at times very difficult for me and I would mask it socially to fit in. It became very clear that regardless of whether I wanted these gifts or not, I was being pulled to use them and I started being pulled by what I call spirit or guides to relay messages to strangers. Which was absolutely terrifying for me.

I remember sitting in Church at Unity here in Houston and I kept being told “Tell her I am ok…” and I kept thinking “What? This is crazy! I am not telling the woman behind me this. She will think I am nuts.” The nudge got stronger and stronger and I was sick to my stomach with nervousness. Finally, I said “OK!” I turned around and put my hand on this stranger’s hand and I said, “I have a message for you. She wants me to tell you that she is ok.” The woman started crying and said, “My mother just died in Barbados.” I was in shock and could barely swallow. I got up and walked out as I didn’t know how to handle what was happening. These events continued to occur over the next 15 years.

During this time I started to attract more and more people into my life that needed help on their spiritual path or getting onto their path with visible deep wounding. They would come into my life and I would lift them up and guide them. These people are now some of my dearest friends. Since middle school I had been studying different oracles, types of astrology, and gaining esoteric knowledge.

I became buddhist 15 years ago. 5 years later I started practicing Kundalini Yoga and I was able to clearly see my destiny. I was able to protect my energy. I moved from dualistic thinking into a new level of consciousness or what we call, in spiritual circles, 5th dimensional consciousness. It is moving into self realization, heart center, and overall an expanded awakening beyond the reality we live in.

I had left the fashion industry and stayed in the field of design where I felt I was lingering and no longer living my purpose. I knew I needed to help people and to use my gifts. After some encouragement from those I had previously guided, I was able to step into my true calling and started Soul House.

I was finally able to come out of the spiritual closet. As a Texan, this was very scary for me. I love Texas dearly but over the course of 20 years, I was called a witch and was ridiculed socially. I had a lot of fear about how others would perceive me.

I wanted to create an energetic space for people where I could meet them exactly where they were in their journey. I put people in the future of awareness. I work differently with every client, but the end goal is the same: to awaken them onto their soul’s path, to heal their wounds, accept and work with their shadow, and to elevate their consciousness for the greater good so that they may step into the magnificent beings that they truly are.

I work with people in layers which starts with soul mapping and detailed readings through astrology, oracle readings, and meditation. I prescribe lunar RX’s to client’s depending on their needs which include breathing techniques, moon rituals, cleansing baths, Aura thickening meditations, and manifestation tools to increase their prosperity energetically. I am able to show someone the bigger picture and relay their true destiny to them / souls purpose and provide the energy flowing through their life during fated markers in each specific cycle.

I love what I do and I am honored to assist those on their spiritual journey and purpose. It is imperative that we heal the wounds inside of us as to no longer reflect them outward into the Maya or the illusion. This is an exciting time to be alive as we are shifting consciousness as a whole and Soul House is a reflection of this. This is my destiny.

KS: Fantastic! You mentioned healing wounds and clearing a path… Princess Diana was notorious for seeking advice from psychics and astrologers. Can you explain the similarities between the sessions she had and your Soul Mapping and Soul Reading? What do they entail?

EA: From what I understand Princess Diana had astrology readings and playing card or cartomancy readings. Each reader uses these elements differently. I cannot speak for her readers, but I read the natal chart, the progressed chart, and I use an ancient oracle system of playing cards to read someone’s destiny and soul.

I would say that her readers and I use the elements similarly as tools coupled with our intuition. I receive guidance through dreams and other forms of contact from my guides days before a reading after I have tapped into someone’s energy. I believe one reader may receive a message differently than another, but it leads the individual down the same path. I do my readings by phone and typically start with a breathing technique or even a short shamanic ceremony depending on who the client is and what their needs are.

If someone is new to Soul House I am aware of their background spiritually and what they can handle. I then move into the natal chart reading and focus specifically on the south node – where you are coming from, what you have already learned in a past life or in the first 30 years of your life and on the north node – where you are going, your destiny path and what you need to cultivate and learn in this life. Then I will move into other houses depending on what the client’s specific needs are.

I look at the progressed chart focusing on the moon which will show the overall energy and theme over a 2-2.5 year period and I will move into reading their cards specifically for this year overall, breaking down each 52 day cycle by planetary cycles, reading their 7 year cycle, and sometimes even 7 week cycle. I leave the end open for specific questions.

These readings are an hour long sometimes more depending on the client. This is the first initial reading I provide. I then work with people in layers and help them work through their shadow side and any other wounding they need to heal. You can even read cards for a person’s business from the date of inception.

As I continue to work with someone, I am able to guide them on their path and give them the spiritual tools they need to continue their growth. It is really a beautiful exchange and I am so lucky as I have such great clients.

Everyone has the answers inside, but need the affirmation to trust their own guidance and intuition. Everyone possesses the gifts that I have but some need to be taught how to be open energetically and how to protect that energy just as I have.

KS: Diana believed that she was being “looked after in the spirit world” by her paternal grandmother, Countess Spencer. What a wonderful gift. Do you believe that we all have a “guardian angel,” if you will?

EA: Diana was very in tune and was very psychic. I believe that she very much was connected to her paternal grandmother. We do all have spirit guides. Some are with us for the entirety of our life in this incarnation and some are only with us during certain periods of our life. They are learning just as much from us as we are learning from them. Angels are from another realm and they too guide us and can be called upon when needed. Everyone has the ability to call upon and receive guidance.

KS: Royal astrologer, Debbie Frank, described Princess Diana as “amazingly receptive.” Can this be dangerous if you seek guidance from too many spiritual influences? Would you advise people to find someone you trust, and stick to their authority?

EA: I think that yes, you must find someone you trust. Just as most psychiatrists have their own psychiatrists… I too have my own Clairs that I trust and refer too and they will always be my Clairs as I trust them immensely.

If someone is asking you for money to remove a familial curse or states that they see something dark and negative which they claim to be able to banish then this is not someone I would suggest you trust.

There are different levels of readers. I feel that with my own clients, that I call on, those that not only learn from me, but I am learning from them… it is an energetic exchange. We are all evolving.

It is so important to build trust and to find someone who truly supports your path and that you vibe energetically with and to stick with that individual. You’ll know if you are left with a lifted and loving feeling after your reading or a weird vibe.

KS: Debbie Frank has said that the Princess used astrology “as a sort of therapy.” Do you have an opinion on that?

EA: I do actually. It is a form of therapy when you are a spiritual individual and know you are on your path. Conventional therapy is great for so many reasons but once you step out of the confines of this world as a “physical place” and start to see the bigger picture, you’ll need different types of support. Some might seek or be called to shamans, others astrologers. Your soul will typically lead you to where you need to be. As they say “once the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Just as you have guides in the spiritual realms, you also have guides on earth. We are all teachers and students.

KS: Frank has been open about Diana’s “emotional problems” and Penny Thornton has referred to Diana’s “self-destructive tendencies,” were these traits seen in her cards?

EA: Yes they were. Her birth card was the Ace of Spades which is the most spiritual card in the deck. These people can waiver between self destructive behaviors and being deeply spiritual. They are constantly being asked to transform and balance their material nature with their spiritual nature. They have deep issues and traumas when it comes to relationships due to their 7 of Hearts Karma card. They have a very distinct mission to cultivate inner peace and to be of service. They are almost sacrificial because if they do not follow the inherent path of spiritual values and laws, they are immediately disciplined.

This is also the card of death and transformation. This does not mean they are all meant to die in such a tragic way… but it is not uncommon for them to have a brush with death or to have an experience in their life (pertaining to death) which could be a complete transformation on a spiritual level.

Another famous individual with this card is Jennifer Aniston. You can see how this has played out in her life in love and from what I understand, she is a very spiritual individual as well.

KS: What was Di’s astrological chart like overall?

EA: She was a very loving woman who was very complex emotionally. Her accident was very fated. It is clear in her natal chart with Mars, Uranus, Pluto, and the North Node in the 8th house. This is known as the house of death, taxes, and sex. Although tragic, with Pluto and Uranus coupled with the timing of the eclipse (and specific aspects); it is very clear that Uranus (accident), Pluto (death / transformation), and the North Node (where you are going in life, your destiny) was her fate.

I had to do some digging for her birth time. It is stated to be different by many astrologers. I looked at two different charts with two different birth times. She had two YODS / Finger of God in her chart, which can make for obstacles and difficult trials one must go through to complete their mission and destiny in this life. These people are called to a higher spiritual purpose.

The YOD is not used by all traditional astrologers, but I find it to be quite accurate. I can see that she was glamorized in her chart and her path as a royal is very apparent by the 9th and 10th house.

With her Sun and Mercury in Cancer, she was very much a loving mother to the world, but Cancer is also very sensitive, has fluctuating moods and can be prone to manipulation.

Although they are deeply caring they can be controlled by their moods. Their center is their family. That is the source of their happiness. Cancer is the embodiment of the feminine and she was certainly a very feminine woman.

She also had an Aquarius Moon which would have put her emotional energy into helping the collective and made her a great humanitarian. These people have access to the mysteries of the universe which also ties into her card as the Ace of Spades.

Her sun was in the 7th house and her power manifested through relationships, not only within her family, but with the public as she was so loved and this is where she shined. The 7th house is the house of partnerships – business or marriage, open enemies, and the shadow.

She was a deeply spiritual, caring, and sensitive woman. Her emotional turmoil was something she was needing to overcome in this lifetime. She was a very beautiful soul.

KS: That she was. ❤️ Diana would not only ask her astrologers to read her cards… but Camilla Parker Bowles’. What can you see in someone else’s cards? Why would she do this?

EA: Everything! You can see the fated markers in one’s life, the energy of money, love, what the challenges are, what the focus is, what the spiritual learning lessons are, and much more.

I gather she wanted to know how things would turn out with Prince Charles and Camilla. I believe given her Ace of Spades that she thought she was entering into a fairytale and it all came crashing down… which is very common for the Ace of Spades. It was not what it seemed.

Again, I refer to Jennifer Aniston’s love life. The 7 of Hearts Karma card is a fated love life which can lead to pain and betrayal… but it is part of the lessons that this particular card must go through to grow.

KS: Team Jen. On one of Diana’s last readings, a month before her death, they saw “an eclipse for the end of August.” You’ve said this can translate into a “life-changing experience.” The Princess allegedly interpreted this as a positive reference, some now say it was a warning. Can you elaborate?

EA: Eclipses are usually life changing events as they can eclipse or remove things out of your life and set you on a new path. They have long been feared by many ancient cultures. If I speak in spiritual terms, it is a positive reference as she was to transform and although we call it death it is not so. If I speak in terms of a warning… then yes… it could definitely have been viewed as so. People can and do crossover during eclipses.

KS: Can people book a personal appointment with you to have their cards read? How can people get in touch with you?

EA: Yes you can! You can reach me through my website www.soulhouse.life to book an appointment. If you have any questions, use the contact form on the site. Or consider DMing me directly on Instagram @emili. I am still new to Instagram with Soul House, but I am easy to reach.

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