COUNTDOWN TO THE CROWN: Get Princess Margaret’s winged eyeliner in seconds

“When Margaret is in her power, she’s absolutely owning the room,” Vanessa Kirby (Princess Margaret #1) told Vogue. “She’s a force of nature.” Helena Bonham Carter (Princess Margaret #2) agrees… telling Town & Country Magazine – she’s “a natural number one whose tragedy it is to have been born a number two.”

She was stunning, sophisticated, and fun. Margaret and The Crown return to Netflix on November 15th and we missed the Countess of Snowdon’s cat eye so much that we had to recreate it!

In season 1 & 2 we saw their makeup artists prioritize the lips and brows on their female leads but season 3 brought us the 60’s which meant winged eyeliner for party girls like Princess Margaret.

My lewk includes… all animal loving vegan products like… ?
– Silly George Black LinerBond™ Starter Kit ($40) with Girl Overboard lashes (affiliate link)
– Cat Eyes by Raquel Cat Eyes Stamp Kit ($28)
– Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer ($17)
– Honest Beauty Tinted Lip Balm – Summer Melon ($9)
CLOVE + HALLOW Sunrise Pressed Pigment Palette ($39)

I used CLOVE + HALLOW Sunrise Pressed Pigment Palette eyeshadows on my eyes, brows, and cheeks. I applied the yellow across my eyelids, that pinky pearl (next to it) in the center of my eyelids, and the orange/brown in the crease. The orange/brown and the dark brown (on the right hand corner) is what I used to contour my face. I also used the dark brown to fill in my brows.

Next, I applied Silly George Black LinerBond™ along my eyelids before putting on their Girl Overboard lashes. I’ve never used a liner/glue combo and it is a mega time saver. No more waiting for your glue to dry before you apply, no more getting too much glue on your lashes and ruining them, where has this been all of my life?! My only complaint is that it takes a little longer to wash the liner off but the quick application more than makes up for the inconvenience. You can purchase the lashes and liner together in a bundle.

To balance out the lashes, I lightly brush Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer along my bottom lashes.

Finally, the greatest hack of them all! The Cat Eyes by Raquel Stamp Kit comes with 3 different cat eye shaped stamps. Small to large. Princess Margaret to Queen Winehouse. I have been wearing winged eyeliner ever since Lauren Conrad hit the scene. I stopped only after becoming a morning news anchor because I didn’t have the patience to fight with my liner at 3am. Cat Eyes by Raquel allows me to quickly apply my liner totally even and clean. In this instance, I continued to use Silly George‘s black liquid liner. I painted the liner on the stamp and the stamp allowed me to see the shape before I pressed it into my skin. Golf clap.

Thanks to Honest Beauty, Silly George, Cat Eyes by Raquel, and CLOVE + HALLOW for gifting me the products listed throughout this article.

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