Kate Middleton Can’t-Wait to Meet Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor [VIDEO]

AUNT GOALS! Kate Middleton told reporters Friday that she can’t wait to meet her new niece!

The Duchess of Cambridge seemed caught off guard by the question but quickly and gracefully recovered after some squirmy body language. Hey, who can blame her? She was sitting next to Jill Biden. The Bidens are visiting for the G7 Summit, so the Duchess was probably expecting a slightly different topic of conversation.

Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana Mountbatten-Windsor was born on June 4th in Santa Barbara, California. Far far away from her royal relatives! While visiting a school in Cornwall, England, a seemingly American reporter asked Kate, “Your Royal Highness, do you have any wishes for your new niece, Lilibet?”

“Awwww,” Kate gushed. “I wish her all the very best, I can’t wait to meet her because we haven’t yet met her yet so hopefully that will be soon,” she smiled.

Reaction online was primarily positive, however, some royal watchers thought that the question put the Duchess in an uncomfortable situation and could be considered inappropriate.

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