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Broadway cast reacts to ‘Diana: The Musical’ cancellation

I am so disappointed that Broadway’s ‘Diana’ didn’t get the chance that it deserved and my Broadway insiders say that “Netflix killed them.” Allegedly. As I explained to Mark Dolan on GB News, it was released to a massive audience ready to rip into it. People that aren’t necessarily fans of Princess Diana or musicals. The show just as “Underestimated” as the woman.

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What playing Princess Diana has taught Jeanna de Waal of ‘Diana: The Musical’

Connected forever, Princess Diana has become such a special part of Jeanna de Waal’s world. Jeanna originated the lead role of Princess Diana in ‘Diana: The Musical’ at La Jolla Playhouse and at New York Stage and Film Powerhouse Theatre. This is what playing Princess Diana has taught Jeanna de Waal…

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