A new ‘Diana: The Musical’ trailer is here! [VIDEO]

Catch her on Netflix before she returns to Broadway! Diana, that is! Diana: The Musical will premiere on Netflix on October 1st, 2021… just a few weeks before its triumphant return to Broadway! Previews of the musical are expected to start at the Longacre Theater on November 2nd and opening night is set for November 17th.

“The chance to share our show, first with Netflix’s global audience, and then welcoming a live audience back on Broadway, is something we’ve all been dreaming about for more than a year. We could not be more thrilled to finally share both the film and the Broadway musical with the world,” producers said in a press release sent to ToDiForDaily.com.

I’ve received feedback from friends that the show is actually pretty great. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Netflix’s Diana features the original Broadway cast. Jeanna de Waal plays Princess DianaRoe Hartrampf is Prince CharlesErin Davie is Camilla Parker Bowles, and Judy Kaye is Queen Elizabeth.

The synopsis reads, “Diana tells the story of one of the most beloved women of modern times. Engaged to a prince she barely knows, 19-year-old Diana Spencer is thrust onto the world stage and, overnight, becomes the most famous woman in the world. As she struggles to navigate her way within the rigid structure of the royal family, Princess Diana finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage, eventually finding her voice by devoting herself to those in need. Forced to endure a media spotlight brighter than the world has ever known, Princess Diana defies all expectations to emerge as her own woman and create a legacy that will endure forever.”

Diana: The Musical will fit in nicely next to The Crown on my growing royal-themed playlist. Netflix has indefinitely postponed their Diana: The Interview that Shocked the World documentary but we can certainly count on fresh content from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Speaking of the Duke of Sussex… Netflix’s Diana has actually met Prince Harry!

Jeanna told Show People with Paul Wontorek that she once catered for the handsome prince! “I was at [LIPA] and over the holidays, I would cater for this very fancy events company. They paid very well, but you had to be based in London. I would literally go stay at a hostel in London and wait for the calls,” she explains. “One of the events was catering for the royals, and I was personally in charge of making sure that Harry’s glass was always topped up with champagne. He was very friendly, and he was the last person on the dance floor at the end of the night.” I love imagining him on the dance floor! Lone ranger. Ready to disco.

See Jeanna play Prince Harry’s Mom, Princess Diana, in Diana: The Musical. Available on Netflix October 1st.

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