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Gyles Brandreth on the truth about Prince Philip and Princess Diana, Diana’s humor, and the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death

Princess Diana’s “I’m A Luxury” sweater will go down in history as one of her most celebrated fashion moments. Gyles Brandreth, designer and author, discusses Diana’s relationship with Prince Philip. Philip’s support of Diana and what Prince Philip might think of Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir.

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I’ve Watched ‘The Crown’ 4 Times Now – Here’s A List of My Favorite Characters

I’m going to go straight to my favorite. No one will ever play Prince Philip better than Matt Smith. Witty, immature and irresistible. The only character (besides Helena Bonham Carter, Season 3) that makes me laugh out loud. Without a doubt the best and most lovable character on The Crown. If the real Duke of Edinburgh is half the character Matt Smith is, I too am in love with him. (Sorry Queen!)

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