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5 Missed Opportunities in ‘The Crown’ Season 4

DON’T GET ME WRONG. We absolutely loved ‘The Crown’ Season 4, but we can’t help but notice some serious storylines that were missed… although we appreciate Mark Thatcher’s disappearance in episode 4 allowing us to meet gangly Edward and firecracker Andrew… and yes, the Michael Fagan thing was kind of interesting… we have a list of storylines that would have been excellently explored in ‘The Crown’ Season 4…

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5 Things to Binge while you wait for ‘The Crown’ Season 4

We are so excited for The Crown season 4, premiering November 15th 2020! The 4th season will introduce us to Lady Diana Spencer and is set during Margaret Thatcher’s premiership. The storyline with include Lady Di and Prince Charles’ fairytale wedding, the birth of their boys, and the “third” party in the marriage. As we wait for The Crown season 4, here are some of our favorite royals inspired options for your binging pleasure!

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I’ve Watched ‘The Crown’ 4 Times Now – Here’s A List of My Favorite Characters

I’m going to go straight to my favorite. No one will ever play Prince Philip better than Matt Smith. Witty, immature and irresistible. The only character (besides Helena Bonham Carter, Season 3) that makes me laugh out loud. Without a doubt the best and most lovable character on The Crown. If the real Duke of Edinburgh is half the character Matt Smith is, I too am in love with him. (Sorry Queen!)

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