‘Diana: In Her Own Words’ documentary leaves Netflix 11/30 – UPDATE

Emma Corrin says that she used the documentary to prepare for her role as Princess Diana on The Crown.

Diana: In Her Own Words is a beautifully pieced together documentary that is told from Princess Diana’s point of view. Released in 2017 through Channel 4 in the UK, the film uses audio tapes of Diana that were created to help Andrew Morton write Diana: Her True Story.

From childhood up until 1992 – you hear Diana revisit some of the highs and lows in her not so enchanting life. The film also includes televised interviews and photography to give you a better sense of her environment.

Her voice sounds so sad throughout the movie. You certainly get the sense that this was an act of desperation. Diana wanted to make sure that her side was told. Thankfully, it was. Although I often argue that she was in a much different place when she died, I do believe it is important that she found a way to express herself because she was scared and felt suffocated at the time.

Diana: In Her Own Words is leaving Netflix November 30th. It’s nothing personal, Anaconda is also getting the boot. Make sure to stream Diana: In Her Own Words before it’s gone!

UPDATE: Thank you to director Tom Jennings for letting us know that Diana: In Her Own Words is moving to Disney+.

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12/5 – Anyone else notice that Diana: In Her Own Words is still on Netflix? So glad I bought it for $5 on Amazon. LOLOLOLOL – Based on the response from Season 4 of The Crown, Diana: In Her Own Words will remain on Netflix.