Harry Styles babysat Emma Corrin’s dog and we’re looking to hire him ASAP

Jimmy Fallon got the (pooper) scoop(er)! While on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Emma Corrin revealed that Harry Styles once babysat her pup, Spencer.

“He once dog sat for me,” Emma confirms – clearing up the rumors. “I was having dinner and know where he lives, and he looked after Spencer for me.”

“He hasn’t done it again and I think it’s because, halfway through the meal, I got a message that just said, ‘He won’t stop farting. Is this normal?'”

Jimmy Fallon hilariously asks, “From Spencer or from Harry?!”

“The thing I love about this is my dog has no idea,” she smiles. “For a dog, it’s just a person!”

We have four maltese yorkie mixes that love ‘Watermelon Sugar.’ Emma’s positive reference is practically all we need! (And a W-9.)

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