This ‘Crown’ themed Valentine’s Day card sends a strong message

There’s no better way to say “It’s complicated.” or “I’m not entirely sure of what’s going on here…” than with this Crown themed Valentine’s Day card from happyrose on Etsy.

Visually the card is a play on a scene in Season 4 of The Crown. Upon announcing their engagement a reporter asks Prince Charles (played by the brilliant Josh O’Connor) if he is in love with his new fiancé, Lady Diana Spencer (QT Emma Corrin.) Diana is quick with a positive, “Oh, yes! Absolutely.” while Charles fumbles with “Whatever in love means.”

This not only happens in The Crown, the entire scene was based on a real television interview given by the couple on the day of their announcement.

But the WORDS… “I LOVE YOU” – “Whatever love means…” stems from Princess Diana’s own words. While recalling the day of the proposal to a friend for Andrew Morton‘s book, Diana explained that after the proposal she told the Prince, “Yes! I love you so much!” and he responded, “Whatever love means.” Cringe! While horrified by the response, she had hoped it was just nerves! Naw girl… we call this red flag number one.

So whether you’re trying to say, “I’m just not that into you.” or “I have a sidepiece.” – we think we’ve found the perfect V-Day card for you. happyrose products are handmade in London and this card is priced at $5.02. The illustration is beautiful and the designer says their cards are often bought as framable art work. You can purchase The Crown themed card here or check out some of their other TV and movie inspired stationary, decor and wearable merchandise.

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