Have you ever dreamt of a royal wedding? Here’s what it means…

Hello Royal Lovers! I’ve been dissecting my dreams a lot lately. Thanks Melatonin! Through these exercises, I discovered a website called Aunty Flo’s Dream Dictionary. Have you ever used a dream dictionary?

The website explains all of the possible meanings behind our dreams and really breaks it down. Princess Diana loved dissecting her dreams with her many astrologers and psychics on payroll.

I have not dreamt of a royal union but I did stumble upon the meaning of a royal wedding dream on Aunty Flo‘s site… according to the expert herself.

“A royal wedding in a dream can denote happiness and that you will take in all the enjoyment in life. It is embarking on a new journey in life,” says Aunty Flo. She explains that a wedding means a “Spiritual embracement.” Flo continues, “In essence, these two people are celebrating their love for one another. In a symbolic view, the wedding dream can be associated with creative energy and an outpouring of more brighter happier future.”

Translation: Royal wedding dreams mean good luck and good fortune! Crazy hats and long trains, bring on the royal wedding dreams!

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