We spoke to ‘The List’ about Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship

We spoke to The List this week about reports that Prince William is feeling incredibly betrayed by Prince Harry and there might be no turning back. Please consider reading the entire article at The List.

First of all, when Meghan Markle told Gayle King that talks between Prince Harry and his family had been unproductive, I do not believe that Meghan knew to what extent King would share on-air. I am not trying to make excuses for her, I’m just stating my instincts.

While this would normally put Prince Harry in an uncomfortable and perhaps irritated position, bridges had been burned during that Oprah interview and his only remaining ally is his wife. He’s in a tough spot. I also think he’s defiant. A Spencer trait.

There is really so much to consider when it comes to the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry. Imagine growing up dodging chaotic fights and manipulation between your parents. Having to slide tissue under the door for your crying Mom. Being used as props to shield affairs. Schoolmates chastising you for newspaper headlines and photos of your parents in the papers. That is a lot to digest as a child.

We all visualize the young men walking behind the casket. How can you not? But they’ve survived so much more. For instance, when Prince Charles decided enough time had passed and he wanted to reintroduce Camilla Parker Bowles as his girlfriend, can you guess who packed up and shipped out? His boys. When William clashed with Camilla’s daughter, Laura, over the affair… who had his back? His brother.

Prince William’s suggestion that Harry take things slow with Meghan was merely common sense. Acting as an older brother that made his own bride wait over a decade before they said, ‘I do.’ Harry is sensitive, a trait he likely inherited from Princess Diana, and defiant, a trait he definitely inherited from Princess Diana. 

After years of secrets being kept from Prince William and Prince Harry (by the Palace), now secrets were being kept from Prince William by Prince Harry. Megxit. A year later, secret conversations between brothers are being broadcast on the same television news station that displayed a picture of their mother dying in a car crash in Paris. A station the two united against years ago.

I believe that Prince William is disappointed because he does not recognize the man that Prince Harry has become and I don’t think he necessarily likes him in his current state. It will take a significant amount of time for Prince William to trust his brother again but the desire is there. He loves Prince Harry and has always looked out for him. One of the last phone calls William made to Princess Diana before she died was about trying to protect Prince Harry’s feelings.

I disagree with the commentators suggesting that all will be healed once Prince Harry returns to the UK to unveil the statue of Princess Diana. I think it’s crucial that Diana’s boys reconnect before the event. If Diana’s statue unveiling becomes a huge fight about Meghan Markle behind closed doors, what a selfish way to honor your mother’s legacy. That is when I believe there would be no turning back. 

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