Exclusive: Crisis PR expert says lawsuit is ‘doing tremendous damage’ to Prince Andrew’s reputation [VIDEO]

It has been almost two weeks since Virginia Roberts Giuffre filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrew for alleged sexual abuse in the United States. Buckingham Palace has repeatedly denied the allegations but the lawsuit reignited a global debate about Prince Andrew’s involvement and the way that the royal family has handled the incident from the very beginning.

ToDiForDaily.com spoke to Evan Nierman, author of Crisis Averted and CEO of international crisis PR firm Red Banyan, about Prince Andrew and his family. Evan told us, “The renewed focus upon Prince Andrew as an alleged person of interest in the Jeffrey Epstein probe is bad news for him and especially for his family members.”

Evan suggests distance-distance-distance when it comes to Andrew’s family members. It is not in their favor to be associated with him at this time. “The Queen seems painfully aware of his sullied reputation, reportedly warning the media to stay away from Balmoral at the very time Andrew is visiting. Photographs of Andrew that showcase him in close proximity to the Queen and other family members do not serve their best interests.”

“Moving forward, the royals should look to put as much distance as they can between themselves and Andrew, which will be challenging,” the crisis PR expert warns.

When it comes to typical media strategies that Andrew might pursue to change public perception… Evan thinks Andrew just might want to zip it! “For his part, Andrew would do well to decline any and all media requests given how disastrously he performed during an interview with the BBC, which could aptly be termed a royal mess. Andrew should also fastidiously avoid traveling to the United States, where investigators are clamoring for a meeting with him.”

Whispers: This sounds like really really good advice, Prince Andrew. You’re welcome.

Evan acknowledges that this has been a rough few years for the Mountbatten-Windsor family. He explains, “The British monarchy is grappling with numerous PR challenges simultaneously, including Prince Harry’s decampment to Los Angeles and the ongoing saga of sordid sexual allegations surrounding Prince Andrew. With the attorneys of alleged victim Virginia Giuffre artfully using the media to advance their narrative, expect the scrutiny and public interest in Andrew to increase.”

He continues, “Giuffre’s attorneys are doing tremendous damage to his reputation, and effectively setting up the narrative that he is seeking to avoid accountability by hiding behind his wealth and power.”

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Thanks again to Evan Nierman, author of Crisis Averted and CEO/Founder of Red Banyan.

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