Emma Corrin talks Princess Diana in ‘W’

The Crown‘s Emma Corrin covers W Magazine‘s pop and fall fashion issue and gives us a glimpse of their relationship with our favorite princess.

Emma tells writer Maura Egan, “I had no memory of her, so I think that helped me,” the actor confesses. “It was a blank slate.” Maura and Emma discuss just how Emma channeled Princess Diana from voice coaching to a choreographer. We’ve heard most of that before but Emma goes beyond the physical.

There was obviously a serious deep dive when it comes to Princess Diana‘s psyche. “There became a clear connection from Diana’s unstable childhood to her looking for something welcoming,” Emma tells W. “We knew she was a very warm person who gravitated towards people. She was looking to be embraced in something very warm and very familiar, and she didn’t find that at all; she found the exact opposite with the royal family.”

Want to see more photos of Emma Corrin in W Magazine photographed by Tim Walker and styled by Harry Lambert? Check out Emma’s Instagram. Read Maura Egan’s full interview here.

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