Devon Dagworthy creates epic tote inspired by Princess Diana’s ‘I’M A LUXURY’ jumper

Devon Dagworthy is a knit and crochet designer that splits her time between Toronto and NYC. The fashion connoisseur specializes in sweaters and knitwear design and humblebrags that she has “the ability to translate two-dimensional concepts into quality final garments through a strong knowledge of construction techniques and materials.” Ok, girl. We see you! Loving this LinkedIn lingo! Her resume boasts big names like Wildfox and Kate Spade! She is super talented.

I found Devon thanks to the Princess Diana hashtag on Instagram. The knit goddess is serving up some major Lady Di inspo in the form of a handmade “I’M A LUXURY” tote… that’s right… TOTE BAG!

Clearly incited by our favorite girl, Devon tells Instagram, “[Diana] may have been a princess but she was the queen of sweaters!” Truth!

Next to a photo of her “I’M A LUXURY” tote the designer muses, “I had to do it!! For the longest time, I’ve wanted to make a crochet homage to one of the best sweaters ever made and was finally able to chart out a crochet-friendly version for a tote bag. This design was originally created by Gyles & George in the early ‘80s and, of course, made famous by Lady Di. Gonna go ahead and pretend this tote will also make me a princess when I’m filling it with old receipts, loose change, empty hand sanitizers, and other crap that collects over time!”

For a larger tote, she explains, “I wanted to crochet a bigger luxury tote, you know, for more… luxury. So, I made this out of DK wool rather than tiny no. 5 cotton crochet thread and also a little wider.” I’ve never wanted to knit more in my life.

It doesn’t look like Dagworthy is offering the bag for sale… YET… but if she does we will keep you posted! Way to go, Devon! We love your style and we especially love that you love animals as much as we do! 15% of her sales go to animal charities. HEART EYES EMOJI.

Kinsey Schofield is the Founder of To Di For Daily and you can follow her on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook.