Kate Middleton and Princess Diana among the women with the “most influential style in the world”

It’s a list dominated by the Princesses of Wales! In a study commissioned by Dalston Mill Fabrics, both Catherine, the Princess of Wales and her mother-in-law, Princess Diana, are featured as women with the most influential style in the world.

According to a spokesperson, “Dalston Mill Fabrics analyzed Google search data for various style-related terms for over 200 famous women around the world to establish who has the most influential style.” While Ariana Grande took the top spot, our sweet Catherine was close behind at number four with 41,800 Google searches in a month. Meanwhile, Princess Diana rounded out the list at number 10.

“Despite her death in 1997, Princess Diana’s style is still one of the most sought-after around the world. There are 26,030 searches for Princess Diana’s style each month around the world, in particular, the search term ‘Princess Diana fashion’ is Googled 7,000 times each month globally,” explains Dalston Mill Fabrics.

Other names featured in the Top 10? Kendall Jenner (2), Billie Eilish (3), Kim Kardashian (5), Hailey Bieber (6), Kylie Jenner (7), Rihanna (8), and Bella Hadid (9).

Meghan Markle came in at number 13 but every ironing board in the United States of America is asking for a recount.

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