Here’s why everyone is talking about the latest episode of the To Di For Daily podcast with guest Gareth Russell… [VIDEO]

The podcast episode everyone is talking about!‘s Kinsey Schofield talks to author Gareth Russell about his new book, Do Let’s Have Another Drink! The Dry Wit and Fizzy Life of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. In this episode of the podcast, Gareth tells us a story about Queen Consort Camilla and Dame Judi Dench that is going viral! Inspired by a silly story about the Queen Mother’s curiosity for a nude beach… Gareth says the two women snuck out to get a peek for themselves… it was enough to make host, Kinsey, blush!

The pair also discuss the Queen Mother‘s relationship with Prince William, Princess Margaret setting fire to letters from Princess Diana, and what Martin Bashir could NOT get Princess Diana to say during his infamous Panorama interview.

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