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Talking to Andrew Morton about ‘Meghan and the Unmasking of the Monarchy’ – Meghan Markle book [VIDEO]

I had the pleasure of speaking to Andrew Morton about the rerelease of his Meghan Markle book, ‘Meghan and the Unmasking of the Monarchy.’ We learned exclusive details about Prince Harry’s relationship with Oprah Winfrey, the infamous Oprah interview, and discussed Princess Diana’s impact on the couple’s everyday lives.

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5 Questions I had after reading Andrew Morton’s updated Meghan Markle book

‘Meghan and the Unmasking of the Monarchy’ is a really thorough exploration of the woman that went from Hallmark princess to real-life Duchess of Sussex. Meghan Markle’s story is inspiring. She reminds you that you can be anything you want to be. She also makes you want to leave the world better than you found it. Andrew Morton’s ‘Meghan and the Unmasking of the Monarchy’ is available for purchase on October 19th.

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