Clevver: Reaction to Prince Harry’s new book [VIDEO]‘s Kinsey Schofield spoke to Clevver News about Prince Harry‘s new book announcement.

Royal watchers seem to be split about the announcement of Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir but I would argue that this action is necessary for positioning the Duke of Sussex as an up-and-coming thought leader.

Keep in mind, the prince values his privacy, he requests it regularly. This move is obviously a contradictory one that has a higher purpose.

Prince Harry’s team wants him to play in the same league as self-made billionaires and former presidents. The publication of this book will help launch him into that club. I would advise him to stop fixating on the past and utilize this platform to promote change through positive actions. Not only will this promote his public speaking ambitions but it mirrors his mother.

There are elements of the Princess Diana playbook in his actions as well. It is obviously important for Prince Harry and Meghan Meghan to control the narrative and to have a voice. We saw them express this throughout their Oprah interview.

I think it is fair to compare Prince Harry’s memoir with that of Diana: Her True Story, the book that Diana secretly co-authored with Andrew Morton. Morton has always insisted that Diana’s objective was to clear her name and to have a voice and Prince Harry will certainly use this as a tool to accomplish the same.

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