5 Meghan Markle Beauty Hacks Under $10

We can’t all be a movie star Duchess but we can certainly try. Meghan Markle is known for her “Markle sparkle” and according to Meghan and her makeup artists, you can find some of her favorite beauty supplies at your local drugstore.

5. Markle mixes it up when it comes to her mascara. Aside from Diorshow Iconic, Meghan has been known to use MAYBELLINE’s Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara. Originally reported by Hello! Magazine, she introduced a former makeup artist named Lydia Sellers to the $6.78 steal. “It’s great for full volume and lengthening. The formula is super hydrating,” Lydia reports. “I keep it stocked in my kit now at all times thanks to her.”

4. Grab a semi. Meghan buys these bad boys in bulk! BIORÉ’s Daily Deep Pore Cleansing Cloths are priced at only $9.42. The Duchess told Beauty Banter she loves the face wipes. “They’re great to keep in the car and on your nightstand when you have those horribly lazy nights that the thought of getting up to actually wash your face seems unbearable.” The extra 10 minutes of sleep is free 99. You’re welcome.

3. According to The Zoe Report, Essie’s Ballet Slippers nail polish is sold 818 times per day! The pastel pink polish has a history with the royal family that dates back to the 80’s. Glamour reports that in ’89, Queen Elizabeth’s hairdresser requested the pale polish be sent directly to Buckingham Palace. Major! It also happens to be the polish that The Duchess wore as Prince Harry walked her down the aisle in front of 1.9 billion people. Essie’s Ballet Slippers is priced at $8.64 and can be found at drugstores across the country.

2. Oops, this product is actually $10. Markle told Allure that she always has a bottle of Tea Tree Oil on her. “It’s not the most glamorous thing, but if you get a cut, a mosquito bite, a small breakout, no matter what it is, it’s my little cure-all,” reveals the Duchess. “It’s inexpensive, it’s small enough to carry on, and I bring it with me all the time.”

1. Markle partnered with Birchbox in October of 2014 to create her own box. According to Birchbox, their friendship is thriving and you can sometimes catch her at Birchbox H-Q. The subscription based beauty box brand curated a list of Markle’s favorite items. You can find DERMA E’s Hydrating Mist With Hyaluronic for as low as $8.99. It’s a mist to hydrate your skin or set your makeup.

I’ll see you guys down the beauty aisle!

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