‘The Duchess’ – Katherine Ryan is the hero I needed in 2020 (Review-ish)

The Duchess‘ wardrobe will remind you of Sex and the City‘s Carrie Bradshaw… Evan might even initially remind you of Aidan… But The Duchess‘ Katherine Ryan will not remind you of the curly blond pining over a man that continuously disappointed and disrespected her. (Sorry Big, we still love you.)

Katherine Ryan’s The Duchess is a semi-autobiographical comedy streaming now on Netflix. Katherine plays a single (savage) Mom who made a baby with a former boyband member (LOVE) who is navigating life around PTA bullies and a prepubescent daughter. (They have PTA in the UK… right?)

Oh yeah, it’s all based in the UK (Double LOVE.)

I admire Katherine’s character because she is fearless and confident… and although some might find her cold or vulgar, I think she is clearly setting boundaries that you must abide by or your access to her life (which is a privilege) is revoked without hesitation. She protects her energy. She takes up for the people that she loves.

She prioritizes her daughter. Her daughter’s innocence. Her daughter’s feelings. Her daughter’s self-esteem.

In real life, Katherine, 37, did not procreate with a pop star (disappointing) but she does have a daughter that she brags about incessantly. She recently told The Express that her biggest regret was, “sacrificing any time while my daughter was little to go on dates with men who were not worthy of my time,” says the comedian.

“That’s the theme in The Duchess, too. She’s a single mother and keeps her dating life at arm’s length. Why would I ever hire a babysitter to go have dinner with a stranger? I always would have had more fun staying home with my daughter.”

I also love how completely non PC some of the dialog is at the height of social unrest. Cancel culture is as dominant as it’s ever been and I don’t even care who I’m supposed to be feigning outrage over today. I’m sick of it. Besides, despite some of the most aggressive one liners on the show, her character is still more woke than most of the keyboard warriors I see ruining Twitter on a daily basis.

If you’re looking for a series about a delicate and graceful Duchess of Cambridge… this is not the right show… but I really enjoyed this series and hope it returns because we need more brave female leads that dress bad ass and don’t wash their mouth out with soap.

In real life, Katherine Ryan is not just fearless and confident… she is genuine. Far more genuine than the thought leaders we’re having shoved down our throats today. Her Twitter bio reads, “My life is my message – Gandhi via Matthew McConaughey” and I think that perfectly describes what I love about her.

PS. I have no idea why it’s called The Duchess, I’m going to ask her on social media and see if I can get an answer. PPSS. Katherine really does dress that spectacularly in real life.

Enjoy The Duchess streaming now on Netflix. Later haters.

Kinsey Schofield is the Editor-in-Chief of To Di For Daily and you can follow her on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook