‘Duchess’ style headbands on a budget – Katherine Ryan

Katherine Ryan is our inspiration but not associated with the content. We just like living vicariously through her!

Do you love Netflix’s The Duchess? Because we do. It’s not just Katherine Ryan’s dirty mouth that we love, it’s her bomb a$$ wardrobe. Katherine works closely with her friend and celebrity stylist Jennifer Michalski-Bray. The two have developed a Designing Women meets Gossip Girl brand (which makes sense as Jennifer worked on Gossip Girl) that I shamelessly worship. I followed Katherine on Instagram because I liked the way she dressed – way before I even knew what she did for a living.

I’ve seen posts from Jennifer and Katherine thanking Victoria Percival for some of the headbands featured on The Duchess. Their headbands are beautiful. But they cost more than my monthly car note. That’s why I decided to pursue some more affordable options… because I’m boujee on a budget right now.

Featured above in my SHEIN sweater (don’t forget to use code ‘LadyKinsey‘ for 15% off!) and a vegan leather ASOS headband. ASOS headbands range anywhere from $5 – $25. This one actually seems pretty low-key for Katherine but it’s a great addition to jazz up your outfit. It says, “I put in extra effort this morning but not really.”

My absolute favorite on the list is probably this beauty from Perpetual Shade. It’s sturdy, there’s a nice weight to it, and it feels amazing quality wise. At $36, it’s still affordable and most definitely sophisticated. The gems stun as they hit the lights and all hardware is safely secured on the headband.

Speaking of safely secured… my $16 purchase from Amazon… was not. The jewel lined headband was broken in about six places when it arrived on my doorstep packaged with extra durable puppy pee pads. Initially, I packed it up for a return… until I remembered the superglue in my drawer. I superglued all of the stones back in place. So far, so good. The headband is especially lovely but I was disappointed in it’s condition upon arrival.

Posh Palma Styles offers unique headbands that are funky but very versatile. You can wear them with a cocktail dress or a t-shirt and jeans. I love the turban knot headband (featured in the video above) because it’s a style that Katherine wears in The Duchess. This one specifically has a fun sheen. Save 15% if you sign up for their e-mail list… but all headbands are reasonably priced around $40. This item was generously #gifted.

Here is another steal from ASOS. I think it was in the $15 range. I know Katherine is known for big and chunky headwear but I recently saw her hairstylist sneak a purse chain into her bun… so she’s certainly open to tiny peekaboo pieces.

Katherine, if you’re reading this… please know that I love you and think you’re so wonderful.

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