Who is Coco Martin – our favorite artist shares her love for Brit culture with us

My heart unarguably belongs to pop art – which is why I was immediately taken by whimsical artist, Coco Martin. Above is her fabulous take on 90’s mega-babe, Kate Moss. (I added one of her champ bottles to mix it up but Kate is actually seen smoking a cig!)

In the last three years, Coco has gone from doting mom to doting mom/in demand artist. “Once my children went off to university, the stars ✨ aligned and I started getting requests from galleries and sales from Instagram,” she tells To Di For Daily‘s Kinsey Schofield.

Instagram is exactly how I discovered the Texas based creator! Whether it was a wide smilin’ Dolly or a champagne celebration… something struck me as so unique and special. I just had to give Coco a follow and couldn’t wait to get to know her better!

Kinsey Schofield: Artistically, what are you known for?

Coco Martin: I am known for my mirror art. I add crushed mirrors and glass to my paintings to reflect my subjects sitting on ice or moving in water.

KS: How fabulous! I love it. Who inspires you?

CM: Oh goodness, that is a loaded question. Everything around me. Celebrations inspire me the most, because I find love and whimsy in those moments. Fellow artists, I am in awe of Heather Gauthier and Delilah Smith.

KS: Perfect. Do you have a favorite quote?

CM: “Because you are alive, everything is possible.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

KS: That is beautiful. One of the things that attracted me to your work was your enthusiasm for British culture. What is your first memory of the royal family?

CM: Princess Diana getting married. I am from a small oil town in southeast New Mexico where we live in cowboy hats and boots while resting among mesquite bushes. I watched the Royal wedding sitting on the floor of my grandparents home just being in awe of it all. I had never seen, in real time, such grandeur before.

KS: I love that answer! I think there is something so special about that tradition and grandeur too. It gives us something to dream of! Speaking of the wedding, have you ever scheduled events around royal weddings or ceremonies?

CM: Absolutely! I have stopped my life to watch all the Royal weddings for sure. I adore the carriage rides, the reveal of the wedding dress, and the whose who of guests. It is all so exciting.

KS: How does your passion or enthusiasm for the royal family bleed into your art?

CM: The passion of the royal family created a curiosity about London, castles, and aristocracy. So now, I am glued to the tele watching shows like Ladies of London, Downton Abbey, documentaries on castles, and of course The Crown. Oh, and did I mention I love to paint the Union Jack on anything from a handbag, canvas, or serving tray.

KS: YES! I LOVE THAT!!! Ok, do you have a favorite member of the royal family and if so, why?

CM: Princess Diana. I think she brought glamour to the royal family through her fashion along with a forward thinking mind set. Her dedication to service is what I like about her the most. You could just see and feel her compassion and empathy though her eyes. Her expressions truly reflected heart.

KS: Wow. So true. Have you ever had a royal encounter?

CM: Wouldn’t that be a jolly good moment! Does daydreaming count?

KS: Absolutely! Quick, tell me something that I don’t know about you!

CM: Putting bright, bold colors on a canvas is what make my heart spill with joy. I want my art to bring a smile or a giggle to someone’s spirit. If I can do that, then all is well.

KS: Your art brings me SO MUCH JOY! How can our readers follow you?

CM: They can shop with me on Instagram @CocoMartinArtist and Feliz Interiors Houston.

CocoMartinArtist.com – Thank you!

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