We found Princess Diana’s vintage Moschino blazer and our stimmy can’t afford it

Although Princess Diana wore her red houndstooth Moschino blazer more than once, chances are you remember her famously wearing it when racing to embrace Prince William and Prince Harry as they boarded the royal yacht Britannia.

Princess Diana beamed as her sons joined their parents on an official visit to Canada in 1991. Team Charles loathed the infamous photos. They believed that it was an effort to make Prince Charles look like a compassionless pop while branding Princess Diana ‘Mother of the Year.’

While unique houndstooth pieces have become synonymous with Princess Diana’s style, locating the exact vintage Moschino Cheap & Chic red and white houndstooth blazer with a black and white scarf is next to impossible. But guess what? We found one vintage seller that has acquired two!

thelordofluxury has two Moschino Cheap & Chic blazers for sale… one comes with a matching skirt, although, not the skirt the Princess Diana styled with her iconic Moschino lewk.

Blazer #1 is a size 6. “Excellent shape, lightly worn- small stain in the inside lining. Truly amazing rare blazer! Dry clean only. Wool and mohair.” It is priced at $1,895.

Blazer #2 comes with a skirt and is a size 8. “She (Diana) wore the black and white skirt with it, but this is the matching skirt. Excellent shape, lightly worn. Made in Italy. Has a classic Chanel style, very timeless. Truly amazing rare suit! Fully lined.” thelordofluxury is asking $2,495 for the complete set.

If you’re a size 6 or 8 with an extra $2K sitting in the bank… enjoy! I’ll just be in my Los Angeles apartment eating ramen and collecting cans for cash.

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