Did the Queen get TWO new corgi puppies?

Hear ye, hear ye! The Sun is reporting that Queen Elizabeth was gifted TWO new corgi puppies! Emotional support dogs? We totally get it. Things are kind of… chaotic right now.

A palace insider told The Sun, “The Queen is delighted. It’s unthinkable that the Queen wouldn’t have any corgis.” The monarch recently lost one of her beloved dogs, a dorgi, in November of 2020. That leaves Candy, another dorgi, and the two new corgi puppies to rule the roost. Queen Elizabeth is a notorious animal lover and is said to have had over 30 dogs throughout her 94 years on the planet.

The puppies are full of sass, “They have only been there a couple of weeks but are said to be adorable and made the castle their home. Both are said to be bringing in a lot of noise and energy into the castle while Philip is in hospital.”

It was reported that the Queen and Prince Philip would not take on any additional dogs after she stopped breeding her own dogs in 2018… but between the lockdown and the Duke of Edinburgh’s health scare… the puppies are likely a welcome distraction to the boss.

No word on the potential puppy names and Buckingham Palace has declined to comment.

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