Meghan Markle lookalike launches podcast: ‘Me, Myself and Meghan’

Although a performer since the age of five, Sarah Mhlanga‘s UK entertainment career took a wild turn when the world was introduced to Meghan Markle as Prince Harry‘s girlfriend in 2016. For four years, Mhlanga has been a highly sought-after Meghan Markle impersonator. Now Sarah is documenting her world post Megxit in her new podcast, Me, Myself and Meghan on Spotify. “I have so much fun content planned for you,” says the actress.

According to the Spotify description, Sarah will “discuss her work as Meghan and how she feels about Meghan’s life, especially her significant milestones, such as marriage, pregnancy, business ventures, home locations, friendships, and much more.”

In one of her first episodes, Sarah reconnects with Prince Harry lookalike, Rhys Whittock. The two have been paired as Harry and Meghan Markle for three years and have been featured as the royals in national news outlets with parody photographs by Alison Jackson. Jackson’s photos and videos are hilarious, BTW. In the podcast, the Sussex clones remember their first job together and the strangest requests they’ve received as royal impersonators.

Sarah’s not lacking in whimsical tales. She told The Sun that she became such good friends with one Harry lookalike that their families vacationed together. “We confused a lot of people – especially when we went for a country walk and were asked for our autographs by passers-by.”

In the same May 2020 interview, the Megalike psychically predicted, “The best thing of all would be for Meghan to announce she’s expecting another child soon. Nothing beats a wedding or a new baby when you’re a lookalike!”

We can’t wait to hear more opinions and predictions from Sarah. Subscribe to Sarah Mhlanga’s Me, Myself and Meghan podcast here.

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