Updated: Prince William says his family is not racist

Prince William and Kate Middleton visited School 21 in Stratford, London today to encourage teachers and students going back to school across the UK.

It was a sweet visit that included mico meetings with teachers and sit-downs with children as a welcome celebration. Additionally, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were promoting that Mentally Healthy Schools is providing free expert information to all schools across the UK.

But it wouldn’t be an adorable photo opp without Sky News shouting at Prince William to ask him if his family is racist. …..

Do I hate the way they did it? Yes. Do I love William for saying no? Yes. Unlike Prince Charles who ignored the media’s question… Prince William firmly said no. Watch this video here…

Update: We spoke to NickiSwift.com about why Prince William’s response was such a big deal. Read the article here.

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