‘Crown’ producers deny struggle to cast Prince Andrew in Season 5 [VIDEO]

Fergie’s fella is (not) ready for his close-up! According to The New York Post, no one wants to play Prince Andrew in The Crown Season 5! However, producers disagree!

Season 4’s Prince Andrew was a hit, but in 2020, Tom Byrne told the Evening Standard that he made an effort to avoid any and all press coverage of the REAL Prince Andrew. Why? Uhhh, Google it.

Tom told the Standard, “The Sun ran a headline which made me laugh, it was ‘Worst part on TV?’ Good news, you’re in The Crown; bad news, you’re playing Prince Andrew,” he explained. “I thought the best thing I can do is to switch that part of my brain off. It just wasn’t useful to me to engage with that stuff – particularly as I was only playing [him as] a 20-year-old.”

The New York Post reports that Left Bank Pictures has posted the available casting on Spotlight, calling The Crown’s Prince Andrew character a “very good role.”

While Andrew isn’t the most popular royal in the fold, he’s certainly not the LEAST popular, and producers for The Crown have come out to deny that they are struggling to find an actor to play the playboy in Seasons 5 and 6.

The Crown Season 5 is set to start filming in the summer of 2021. The popular Netflix series will premiere fall of 2022. Stay tuned to ToDiForDaily.com for more information on The Crown Seasons 5 & 6.

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