Princess Diana’s haircut is trending on TikTok – Celebrity Stylist reacts

@70sRose has gained over half a million followers on TikTok thanks to a Princess Diana-inspired haircut. Her beautiful face and enthusiasm for disco are enough of a reason to give her a follow! If you love Olivia Newton-John and ABBA, you’re in for a treat. Inspired by 70s and 80s glam, her videos attract millions of views and double taps. Learn more about her here.

With Diana’s hairstyle currently trending, we asked Beverly Hills-based celebrity hairstylist Nick Chavez what he thought of the viral video and the idea of Princess Diana’s hair making a comeback. Some of Nick’s most iconic clients include Joan Collins, Paris Jackson, Nicole Richie, and Sharon Stone. He’s also a superstar on QVC promoting his own beauty line, translation: NICK KNOWS HAIR.

Kinsey Schofield: What is your reaction to @70sRose’s Princess Diana-inspired haircut?

Nick Chavez: I think she looks great, I think she looks beautiful. She is a beautiful girl! She did a great job. It looks like a professional cut and style.

KS: Is this haircut something you would advise someone to do themselves or would you suggest a professional do this cut for them?

NC: Obviously, I would suggest a professional do this cut, and let me tell you why – it could very well end up looking like a bowl cut. So, you’re going to want to hire someone that understands the cut, your hair type, and what type of maintenance you’re comfortable with on a daily basis. We can take that into account and give you a similar cut that suits your time constraints.

KS: Do you think that she will regret this cut? Or others that follow suit? Not because it’s not brilliant, it is certainly brilliant, but does it grow out beautifully or…?

NC: Yes, she looks great. This particular haircut requires a specific texture and prep-time so I would say, be prepared. Again, consult a professional, and if you don’t expect to maintain it, know that there will likely have to be another haircut to shape your hair how you plan to grow it out.

KS: You basically just answered this question but is it easy to maintain?

NC: I think if you have thinner hair, absolutely. Look at how her hair bounces and the lift, it’s just stunning. She has very light hair, easy to manage.

KS: Is this hairstyle officially making a comeback thanks to Princess Diana?

NC: Yes and no. I would say there are different variations of this haircut making a comeback but not to the extent of Di’s famous 80s coiffure.

KS: What tools would you use to style this hairstyle?

NC: Definitely a round brush, velcro rollers, and a blow dryer. Product-wise, I would consider Plumper N Thicker Ultra Thickening Shampoo, Plumper N Thicker Ultra Thickening Conditioner, Plump ‘n Thick Thickening Hairspray, or Diva® Legendary Finishing Texture Spray. Gentle on your hair but my hairspray would survive the apocalypse.

KS: Love it! I use Advanced Volume Shampoo and Conditioner and it makes my hair so healthy! Not a paid endorsement! Which one of Princess Diana’s hairstyles is your favorite?

NC: Oh, I love looking at her in the black turtleneck, on the cover of her book, Diana: Her True Story. She had evolved from a young girl to a sophisticated woman. It really reflected her growth and development. She was a force.

One of our favorite looks too! Thank you so much to Nick Chavez for talking to us about Princess Diana’s hair. You can catch Nick regularly on QVC, follow him on Instagram, or take a look at some of his haircare products here.

Kinsey Schofield is the Founder of To Di For Daily and you can follow her on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook.