Unboxing Rowing Blazers PINK Princess Diana Black Sheep Sweater – Warm and Wonderful Jumper [VIDEO]

Princess Diana made the black sheep sweater a phenomenon! Now fans can grab the black sheep jumper in four different colors… including Princess Diana’s favorite color in the world… pink! 💗

Warm and Wonderful launched their very first online shop this month and for the first time in decades, you are able to purchase pastel pink and light blue sweaters! Both Warm and Wonderful and Rowing Blazers now offer the black sheep sweater in pink, blue, green, and red aka DIANA RED. The jumpers are 100% lambswool and take about six hours to create. I would describe the sweater as thick and warm but not itchy.

According to Warm and Wonderful, each sweater is “made with love in Portugal from the highest quality yarns.”

Princess Diana once tore a hole in her original black sheep sweater and recruited Buckingham Palace to help her track down a replacement! You can read all about that here.

The founders of Warm and Wonderful believe that the original sweater ended up in Diana’s possession as a gift. Princess Diana’s style was dissected and discussed almost as much as her love life. Needless to say, Diana knew exactly what she was doing when she joined her husband Prince Charles and sister-in-law Sarah Ferguson at a polo match in June of 1983. Her red knit “black sheep sweater” still has people talking almost 40 years later. Diana was quietly telling the world that she felt out of place.

My Christmas gift, a pink sheep sweater from Rowing Blazers, arrived early and I share my reaction in the video above.

Is a Warm and Wonderful sheep sweater on your Christmas list this year? Visit WarmAndWonderful.com or RowingBlazers.com to get your very own black sheep sweater! They are currently offering 10% off of your first purchase.

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