Francesca’s has Princess Diana black sheep sweaters for dogs and I’ve already purchased 4

Francesca’s has Princess Diana black sheep sweaters for pets and I have purchased one for each one of my dogs. Come back to this page for the professional photographs I’m having taken with my dogs in our sheep sweaters like the lunatic that I am.

The sweaters are currently on sale for $21. They were originally $30! Francesca’s has sizes M – XL available. They describe an M as a Beagle or a Cocker Spaniel and an XL as a Labrador Retriever or Dalmatian. You can get your own Princess Diana-inspired black sheep pet sweater here.

The OG black sheep sweater was made famous by the Princess of Wales and the pattern and jumper was made by Warm and Wonderful clothing. Warm and Wonderful was founded in 1979 by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne. The two set up a small shop featuring knitted sweaters at a market in Covent Garde. Almost instantly their black sheep sweater became a favorite. Soon enough, the sweater went from quirky conversation piece to fashion must-have thanks to a beautiful blonde named Lady Diana Spencer.

“By coincidence, our style appeals to the sort of girl that Diana is. She has a wonderful sense of fashion, our sweater is perfect for her casual style,” they once told a newspaper. The two believe that the sweater ended up in Diana’s possession as a gift.

It is believed that Diana used her wardrobe to secretly tell her story, specifically, the black sheep sweater. Little did we know in June of 1983, on the polo field with Prince Charles and Fergie, that Diana felt like an outsider.

Visit or to check out their latest collection inspired by the memory of Diana, Princess of Wales.

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