There’s an entire corner of the internet dedicated to photoshopping fake hair on Princess Diana and I have questions

There is an Instagram account based out of Turkey that has over 13,500 followers that just posts photos of Princess Diana with photoshopped hair.

Am I jealous because @todifordaily on has 5,000 followers? Probably. The account @dianafrancesspencer1 was only created in November of 2020 and 13,500 have flocked to follow the journey of a long-haired princess with a really bad weave.

Obviously, I think that it’s pretty weird to photoshop fake hair on Princess Diana. I am trying to work out what the point of it is by writing this article right now. Diana was not only a style icon but was often complimented on her hair. Remember when everyone was getting the Lady Di? Not to mention the sexy Diana of the 90s who chopped all of her hair off and royal commentators could talk for hours about how this was her expressing her independence and freedom from the stuffy royals?

Diana once told her stylist that she wanted to look like Sharon Stone. She thought Stone was a knockout!

There is more than one account that shares the bizarre pictures with captions like “Beautiful” and lots and lots and lots of heart emojis. When they don’t give our poor princess an excessive tress, they are definitely manipulating her face with skin filters and contour. WHY?! Why are you doing this to our girl? I am so genuinely curious but mostly confused.

Is it fun to give Princess Diana a mullet? Is it rewarding? Are you a masochist?

In one photo they have made her face up so much that she literally looks like George Michael. In another, they add a cut out of Michael Jackson next to her picture in the revenge dress because… teamwork makes the dream work, I guess?

But look, I’m not here to judge this person in Turkey photoshopping fake hair on Princess Diana… only. I am also judging the 3,570 people that liked this photo.

Now I’m going to leave you with some of my favorite monstrosities. Below… this is the type of perm you sue over.

Is that the wind or did someone glue a cat to the left side of your head?

A comb-over that even Trump couldn’t defend…

Sometimes I hate the internet.

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