Rumor has it Meghan Markle is bringing back ‘The Tig’ and sorry not sorry – I am here for it

Before there was TikTok or Clubhouse, Instagram was the only app you could find all of the cool kids and before Meghan Markle was a duchess… she was undeniably an Instagram influencer. Food photos, Snapchat filters, NYFW pix. This digital diva dominated the algorithm with hashtag dog photos and behind-the-scenes with her favorite hair and makeup teams. She had over 2 million followers when she shut down not only her Instagram account but her beloved blog, The Tig.

According to The Mail on Sunday, Meghan’s team filed to trademark The Tig in July of 2021. Now eager fans are hoping that the mother of two is working BTS to relaunch her OG baby… her blog!


Am I crazy for not hating this idea? I think that this is an excellent opportunity for Meghan Markle. She could be the next Martha Stewart. (I would say Gwyneth Paltrow but THE CANDLE.) Meghan is clearly very savvy when it comes to online branding, lifestyle content, and creating a community. Things that she has not been in a position to practice since marrying Prince Harry.

I can see her with the Target (or Tarjay if you’re an aristocrat) bath towel line, cooking utensils, and cookbook. These are items or projects that she is sincerely interested in. She has a fanbase that wants to buy what she likes. She was in negotiations to host a cooking/travel show before she married Harry……….. and there is plenty of space on the shelves since everyone dropped her friend Chrissy Teigen‘s merch.

This is really her element and I think that developing that type of content is effortless for Meghan. The same can not be said for their Spotify enterprise.

On top of the fact that she has previous success within the lifestyle blog world, she is now a mother and could provide so much more content based on the fact that she is navigating the world with 2 new tiny people.

So, if Meghan Markle is somewhere out there debating between the White House or a Webby… let’s hope she chooses the latter.

Kinsey Schofield is the Founder of To Di For Daily and you can follow her on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook.