Charities You Should Know: Dogs Matter will be spotlighting charities around the world that are making a remarkable impact. One that I discovered through Instagram is near and dear to my heart! Dogs Matter is the first nonprofit that provides free foster care for dogs of alcoholics and addicts. Don’t worry about your fur baby as you navigate sobriety. Dogs Matter is here to help!

This unique nonprofit was founded in 2014 by Stephen Knight. Dogs Matter is the only charity that provides free, temporary foster care placement and supportive services specifically for addicts and alcoholics seeking treatment and transitioning into recovery.

We spoke to Taylor Stensrud of Dogs Matter about their mission, “Our primary purpose is ensuring the welfare of the dog and their owner — reuniting them once our client has successfully completed treatment and is ready to be a healthy and responsible dog owner again.”

Dogs Matter is located in Texas but their pursuits have a far reach. “Dogs Matter is based in Dallas and serves clients and their dogs all over Texas and nearby states where we can arrange reasonable ground transportation. As of October 2021, we now have an operational branch in Orange County, CA, allowing us to expand our service to more clients and their dogs in southern California.”

Protecting vulnerable pets while their owners fight addiction is obviously a nationwide issue though.

“We have built a fabulous model program in Texas that has helped over 700 clients and their dogs since 2014. As we continue to grow, our plans include expanding operations into other regions of the country by establishing community partnerships with volunteers and other rescue partners in those areas. Our national plans already include relationships in New York, Illinois, Oregon, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Florida, and Virginia.”

Dogs Matter recently had an urgent need for a foster for a beautiful lab named Chance. Chance and her owner both need a chance. A fresh start. Sadly, this baby had to sleep in a car for two nights in the cold before Dogs Matter was alerted to the situation. Thanks to social media, Chance quickly found a warm and safe place to spend her days until her owner moves into recovery.

Taylor says, “We are fortunate to have a lot of foster families who are also in recovery from addiction. This is a fantastic way of giving back to fellow people in recovery and being a part of saving lives in the animal welfare community. However, our foster families do not need to be in recovery themselves. We welcome any and all dog-loving families!”

Would you be open to fostering a pet that needs a temporary home while its owner pursues recovery? If so, you can fill out an online application at

Additionally, donations are always needed and greatly appreciated! You can donate online at
PayPal – @dogsmatterdallas
Venmo – @dogsmatter
Cash App – $dogsmatter2org

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