Kinsey’s LA Diaries: East Coast Edit – New York Loves Prince William [VIDEO]

The Invictus fashion show is over and Prince William‘s “near-catastrophic” jog through Central Park. This week’s LA Diaries is more like Kinsey’s East Coast Escipades! Check it out…


Prince Harry‘s 2023 Invictus Games are complete and The Daily Beast recently wrote an article discussing how the PDA-packed, selfie extravaganza of feelgood headlines made “the last three years of grievance-airing” feel like “a COVID-era bad dream.” NOPE! Some friends close to the king aren’t buying the Sussexes’ snuggles and unicorns re-launch at Invictus… but that doesn’t mean they want it to stop. 

One friend of the king told The Daily Beast: “Of course Charles wants the attacks on him and his family to stop. If Harry has once again got a purpose in his life that makes him think twice about attacking him, even if it is only because that image is not good for Invictus, that can only be a good thing for everyone.”


They say that oysters are an aphrodisiac which would explain the internet’s meltdown over Prince William in his waders. Strategically landing in the Big Apple during New York Climate Week and the 78th Session of the UN General Assembly… The prince spent some time with New York Harbor’s Billion Oyster Project to learn more about the restoration of oyster reefs in NYC. Seeing Big Willy take a dip in New York’s East River had royal watchers insisting that his status as a sex symbol was in full effect. 

We saw Prince William in his prime in NYC. Associating with some of America’s… no… the world’s most powerful individuals. He has distanced himself from the drama by inserting himself in the climate solution. Harry and Meghan’s mostly fashion show last week in Germany was enough to produce some positive headlines but the way that the Prince and Princess of Wales engross themselves in their engagements… Catherine in her inflatable vest… William in his fluorescent orange life preserver… those images leave significant impressions that keep our minds on their unique life of service. 

This was a relatively quiet power play by Prince William as he traveled discreetly around NYC for important meetings and engagements, JOGGED through Central Park unnoticed… no 2-hour car chase. I think that perhaps William intentionally wanted to keep a low profile to show that it could be done… and his brother… well… (I think) looks for trouble and often finds it. 

Despite the lack of near catastrophe, hundreds of people lined the streets to meet the humble prince. He was a rockstar. Media mogul Mike Bloomberg introduced him at Earthshot’s Innovation Summit with a reference to the recent Gallup poll reflecting Prince William’s popularity in the states. He said… “polling showed the prince is viewed positively by 60% of democrats and 60% of republicans. America has not seen that kind of bipartisan consensus since 1776. But this time we’re all drinking to the king’s health.” “Prince William came out on top,”

The climax of the trip was the unveiling of the 15 Earthshot Prize finalists. The eventual Top 5 prize recipients win £1 million to put toward executing their environmental initiatives. We see them and the Prince and Princess of Wales in Singapore in November. 

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