How to buy the viral Kinsey Schofield Kate Middleton heart hands top

The above graphic was created by Emma Woods and features Emma, Julie Ann James, and author Teri Wilson. We love them.

Are you looking to purchase Kinsey Schofield’s viral Princess Kate t-shirt? Link here.

I’m so grateful to GB News for celebrating the popularity of my Princess Kate Queen of Hearts jumper. Still, it’s caused internet cretins to steal my art and upload unauthorized images that look similar to mine.

The GB News article titled Americans going crazy for £30 jumper with Princess Kate’s face on it describes the viral reaction to my t-shirt and jumper design. I’ve been so grateful for the positive feedback. In early November, I’d love to do a group Zoom with anyone who purchased it and would like to get together for a chat. I’ll solidify those plans and give details on Instagram.

The success of the Kate Middleton heart art jumper also inspired a Christmas-themed sweater that says “HAVE A PRINCESS CHRISTMAS” with the Princess of Wales wearing a Santa hat. You can purchase that here.

My vendor is Bonfire and I do prefer to use print-on-demand because it’s better for the environment. That being said, it does take about 2 weeks (longer over the holiday season) before they get the product in the mail. (Hence the October launch for Christmas swag.)

I hope you enjoy my Kate heart art as much as I do! And make sure you buy your Kinsey Schofield Kate Middleton t-shirt from this website or Bonfire – that’s the only way that I can guarantee its quality!

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