How to get your Kate Middleton Christmas sweatshirt before the holidays – Princess of Wales Christmas sweater – Kate Middleton heart hands sweater

The now-famous Princess of Wales (formerly Kate Middleton) heart hands top from Kinsey Schofield‘s To Di For Daily blog and podcast has been converted into a Christmas sweatshirt and tee! Our new Christmas top features the Catherine-making heart hands art with a Santa hat on top. In cursive, the sweatshirt says… “Have a Princess Christmas” with snowflakes falling.

A GB News article titled Americans going crazy for £30 jumper with Princess Kate’s face on it describes the viral reaction to our t-shirt and jumper design. I’ve been so grateful for the positive feedback. The success inspired our Christmas-themed sweater that you can order through our Bonfire site.

If you’re looking to secure the Princess of Wales Christmas sweater before the month of December, I would advise you to order in early November. Bonfire is a print-on-demand service that will see an increase in business around the holiday season. Between printing and shipping… sometimes items can take between 3-4 weeks for delivery. For instance, I ordered my Kate Middleton Princess Christmas sweater on October 8th and the estimated delivery date was October 27th.

Want to rock your own Princess of Wales Christmas sweater? You can purchase it here

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