LEG IT SNOW! Catherine, Princess of Wales Holiday Jumper – Kate Middleton Sweatshirt T-Shirt

Yes. We did.

Catherine, the Princess of Wales looked so insanely snatched in her red ensemble while visiting with South Korea’s President and First Lady. Yet… no one is talking about her cape… they’re talking about her calf.

Is she Wonder Woman? Does she sleep on the elliptical? Is she secretly a part-time leg model? As the princess stepped out of her vehicle and we caught a whole lotta leg… we also had to simultaneously pick our jaws up off the door. WHAT A STUNNER!

I was immediately inspired to print the photo out and decorate my Christmas tree… solely… with Catherine’s car photo. In building out my digital storyboard (I storyboard everything. Sorry not sorry…) I realized that I had potentially created the cutest Christmas jumper ever. A Catherine calf and cape Christmas sweater. No regrets.

As soon as the words “LEG IT SNOW” found their way into my head… I slapped my brand new LEG IT SNOW – Princess of Wales Legs – XMAS sweater on the site and the rest is history! I hope you love it as much as I do!

Save 10% off with the code MEGHAN for a limited time. Have a Princess Christmas! Xx

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