Hollywood’s famous KITSON store takes aim at Harry and Meghan with Holiday Hypocrisy Window Display [VIDEO]

I want you take you back to simpler times… Think Juicy Couture and Y2K.

KITSON LOS ANGELES made a name for itself in the early 2000s as THE celebrity hot spot. Paps captured Tori Spelling and Paris Hilton exiting LA’s favorite shop with beautiful blue bags full of KITSON hauls. LALA Land hosted all sorts of fun premieres and launch events from Twilight to Victoria Beckham blue jeans. It was THE place to be seen… heck, it WAS THE SCENE.

Fast forward to today… Paris is a MOM! Tori lives in an RV Park (?!) and KITSON has made a name for itself as the voice of small business. They fought hard to survive the pandemic and in the process used the platform they built to call out (not only the government) but some of Hollywood’s biggest hypocrites.

Taking naughty or nice to the next level… meet KITSON’s famous HOLIDAY HYPOCRISY WINDOW DISPLAY! For the last four years, KITSON has used its holiday window to hold people accountable… and this year is proving that no one is safe. Not even royalty.

To punctuate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s very own annus horribilis, the Duke and Duchess of Drama find themselves prominently featured in this year’s KITSON display… joining other infamous past characters like Hunter Biden or scandal-plagued Chrissy Teigen. The headlines call out Harry and Meghan for their eco-hypocrisy for consistently using private jets throughout their travels.

As a hometown girl, Meghan is DEFINITELY familiar with KITSON’s iconic brand and has likely made a purchase or two there. Her photo is now prominently displayed at their Robertson Blvd location throughout the holiday season.

You can take your picture with Harry and Meghan at KITSON today. 115 S. Robertson Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028

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