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11 self-care products we’re taking with us into 2021 – Pamper Diana Day

In Paul Burrell’s book, “A Royal Duty,” he talks about how much Princess Diana prioritized self-care towards the end of her life. She jokingly referred to it as “Pampering Diana Day.” She developed a love for the gym, would get an aromatherapy massage, and met with her hair stylists for a little bit of gossip and a blow out.

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Packing for a Sandringham Holiday with Judith March

It’s been a rollercoaster year for the Queen and co. and we know that they are eager to rally the children and THEIR children’s children for a snuggly Christmas holiday at Sandringham Estate (as long as lockdowns permit.) The traditions are endless: 4pm tea, prank gifts, black tie dinner, and Christmas pudding with brandy butter. What must be in their suitcases?

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Amelia Noyes Design launches limited edition royals holiday collection

Amelia Noyes is an illustrator and the founder of Amelia Noyes Design in Los Angeles, California. She has made a name for herself on social media by creating timely and dainty designs of members of the British royal family. Some of her work has even been featured in magazines! Amelia is launching her holiday collection November 1st… so we wanted to know what “drew” Amelia to the royal family and what keeps her inspired…

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